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Booking Policy

Each appointment is secured by charging a credit or debit card when booking. 


Late Arrival Policy

Please note that we need to adhere to our schedule to ensure we are not late for our next client. Depending on how late your arrival is, 15 minutes or more, our therapist will determine if there is enough time to accomplish your goals in the remaining time. Regardless of if we decide to take your session, you will be responsible for paying for the “full” session.

Cancellation Policy

While we understand that life happens, we are a small, locally-owned business. We can only see a limited number of clients daily. Therefore, we require a 24-hour cancellation. If you need to cancel for any reason within 24 hours of your service, we may charge your card up to 50% of the service charge. Those that cancel due to medical emergencies or covid will be rescheduled. People who are no-shows and fail to contact us via phone, text, or email will be charged 100% for the missed session.  2 or more no-shows or cancellations within the customary industry 24-hour period for reasons other than illness will result in no longer being able to be serviced at TMT. 


Sickness Policy

If you suspect you have or have been around someone with a contagious illness, the massage session will need to be rescheduled. Since we ask clients to cancel their appointment when they begin to feel unwell or have been exposed to a positive COVID case, we will do the same for you. If illness occurs within the 24-hour cancellation time frame, we may credit your fee towards your next visit if the appointment is rescheduled. 


Cellular Phone Policy

We want to ensure a relaxing environment and allow the therapist to concentrate and our clients to find inner peace; in order to do so, we respectfully request that our clients turn their phones to silent while in the treatment room. We invite our clients to take this time to unplug and go within and reconnect with themselves. 


Payment Policy

All services are pre-paid to secure your treatment at the time of booking. We accept the following payment methods.

  • Square Space (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express)

  • Venmo

  • Paypal


Draping Policy

The client's body will be draped at all times. Only the body part that is being worked on will be exposed. Under no circumstances will any genitalia be exposed. 

Sexual Behavior Policy

Sexually charged behavior from the client or therapist is strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated. If the therapist feels uncomfortable at any time during the session, she/he has the authority to stop and may call the authorities and charge the card in full. Please see the right to refuse for more details. 

Scope of Practice Policy

Your massage therapist has been trained to manually manipulate the skin, fascia, muscles, joints, and dura matter. This is all done by applying fixed or movable pressure to the body. Sometimes, the therapist will hold or move a limb or request the client push against their pressure or move their limb assisted or unassisted. This is all done to relieve adhesions and promote fibers to slip past each other easier, thus causing movement to be less painful.


At no point will your therapist diagnose an illness, disease, or physical or mental disorder. Your therapist will not prescribe a medical treatment plan or adjust the spine. Massage Therapy is not a substitute for medical attention; when used properly, it assists as a complement to other medical attention. There may be times that your therapist will ask for a doctor’s release note to ensure that whatever treatment you are receiving is not detrimental to your health. Please note that we are not held responsible for knowing something about your health if you do not tell us.


Right to Refuse Policy

Trillium Manual Therapies' therapists and clients have the right to refuse service at any point during their visit. Please note that our therapists deserve to feel safe at work. If the therapist feels their safety is compromised, the session will be stopped immediately. The authorities maybe called, and full payment is expected.


Confidentiality and Conversation Policy

Trillium Manual Therapies strives to create a sanctuary away from the world. A place where you can unplug and breathe. It’s important that the client know that all discussions between the massage therapist and the client are considered confidential. Sometimes clients choose not to talk during the massage, which is okay. If the client does choose to speak, please know that we are not a therapist. Our role is to listen and hold space. Please respect our preference not to discuss politics, religion, or anything of a private nature.


Contraindications Policy

Massage has a lot of positive benefits to help you with your pain level and mental health. However, there are times when a massage is contraindicated. The following is a list of contraindicated illness, which we would advise that you receive a doctor’s consent note before receiving treatment.  



  • Covid -19 (Recent cough, fever, loss of taste or smell)

  • When you have nausea or you feel dizzy

  • Fever

  • Recent injuries/fractures 

  • Blood disorders 

  • When having bruises, wounds, rashes, or severe sunburns.

  • Undiagnosed Migraines 

  • Active cancer 

  • Undiagnosed tumor

  • Rheumatoid arthritis 

  • Deep vein thrombosis

  • High blood pressure 

  • Herpes   

  • Under the influence of

  • alcohol or recreational drugs

  • Undiagnosed pain

It’s important that you tell your therapist if you have the following conditions. The information is fundamental for the therapist to tailor the treatment according to your needs. Massage could make your condition worse, so please talk to your therapist.


  • Back /spinal problems 

  • Blood pressure 

  • Circulatory problems 

  • Respiratory problems 

  • Allergies/skin conditions 

  • If you have herpes

  • Recent operations/ injuries/ cut

  • Digestive system issues

  • Diabetes

  • Heart conditions 

  • Edema

  • Thyroid dysfunction

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Osteoporosis

  • Rheumatoid arthritis 

  • Parkinson’s disease

  • Contiguous diseases HIV/AIDS.

  • Cancer

  • If you are pregnant 

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