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“Nature has the power to heal because it is where we are from, it is where we belong and it belongs to us as an essential part of our health and our survival.”

– Nooshin Razani

About Trillium

Wake Robin Trillium

 Symbolizing grace, courage, and bravery, Trilliums stand as our emblem. We strive to bring nature's therapeutic grace to you, enriched by the presence of plants and calming nature sounds in our ambiance.

Trillium Manual is a growing business that is dedicated to providing exceptional medical massage services. We have chosen to specialize in two key areas: Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) and Myofascial Release (MFR).

Our MLD services cater to a diverse range of clients with different needs, including individuals living with cancer who require lymph drainage massages for detoxification. Many people with Lyme disease and autoimmune disorders have also found relief through MLD, as it helps relieve pain and calms the nervous system. Our team is certified in treating lymphedema and lipedema, and we focus on manual lymph drainage techniques for these conditions.

Additionally, we offer MFR for various issues such as carpal tunnel, frozen shoulder, tight IT band issues, sciatica, and stiffness in the neck and shoulders. Our approach to MFR prioritizes longevity by encouraging the body to respond positively rather than imposing specific movements onto it.

We take pride in serving our community by providing specialized and effective medical massage services through MLD and MFR.


Treatment Room

At Trillium Manual Therapies, we offer a plant-filled space designed to inspire tranquility and relieve the stress of everyday life and promote healing through the power of Nature.

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